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Waterfowl Hunting Alberta Canada
Waterfowl Hunting, Moose Hunts, Bison Hunts, Wolf & Coyote Hunts in Alberta, Canada

Alberta Canada Weather
Waterfowl hunting, moose hunting, bison hunting and wolf & coyote hunting in Northern Alberta

Alberta, according to Environment Canada, has more sunshine annually than any other province or territory in Canada (312 days). We also have the most sunny days in the winter months (115 days). Alberta is ranked number one for having the most comfortable weather, overall, in Canada.

Summer Temperature Ranges (June to August) 15 C to 23 C (60 F to 73 F)
Winter Temperature Ranges (November to February) -8 C to -25 C (18 F to -13 F)

As Canada is a northern country, many visitors are confused about the weather. The sunniest province in Canada is Alberta and on the coldest days of winter, there is a good chance that the bright sunshine will be sparkling off the snow. Be sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Alberta is a comparatively dry province. Even on the hottest day of summer, it is rare that one would feel oppressed by the humidity. When rain or snow comes, it fluctuates in how long it lasts, and travel is rarely interrupted.

Bison Hunting:
February - Winter temperatures

Winter apparel is advised (overcoat, hat, boots, gloves). Heavy snowfall occurs during this time. Excellent months to enjoy the many winter sports activities.
March - Winter Temperatures/Moderate
Winter apparel with some medium weight wear are great choices. The snow begins to disappear; however outdoor activities can still be enjoyed.

Waterfowl Hunting
September - The days are warm, but the evenings are cool
Light to medium weight summer clothing is recommended. Travel is ideal and this is a great time for photography as foliage takes on fall colouring toward the end of the month.
October - Cool
Medium to heavy weight apparel is advised. The first touch of frost is in the air. Excellent weather for travel and photography of foliage. Autumn colours peek early this month and occassionally, the first sign of snow may occur towards the end of the month.

Moose Hunting
November- Cool and frosty
Medium to heavy weight apparel is a great choice. The first sign of snow occurs this month. Travel at this time is good.

Wolf/Coyote Hunting (waterfowl/moose camp)
November - March - Winter temperatures

Winter apparel is advised (overcoat, hat, boots, gloves). Heavy snowfall occurs during this time. Excellent time to enjoy wolf & coyote hunting.

Waterfowl Camp
Moose Camp
Bison Camp

We are committed to managing our number of hunters to ensure that hunters will have excellent hunting throughout their stay. Our hunters will be happy with a solid effort and a well organized, well run hunt. We are committed to a policy of 100% "fair chase" and stress principles and ethics above all else.

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