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hunting information - waterfowl hunts, moose hunts, bison hunts, wolf hunts & coyote hunts in alberta, canada

waterfowl hunting, moose hunting, bison hunting, wolf hunting & coyote hunting information

find hunt information for waterfowl huntis, moose hunts and bison hunts including transporting geese and ducks, canadian firearms regulations and travel information

please be sure you are up to date on the current regulations required by your country in the transportation of bird game.

transporting your ducks and geese to the us

we are obligated to adhere to the following guidelines regarding bird game transport as per the us fish & wildlife service (as of september 19, 2000):
  1. all sport taken migratory birds imported into the us via canada must have 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass (head and feet do not count)
  2. all imports into the us of sport taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. a hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the us on their behalf.
  3. any mounted/taxidermized birds, geese, or cranes can only be imported in the us when accompanied by a us migratory bird import/export permit. this may have to be applied for in advance.
  4. no other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the us, no sausage or processed meat.
  5. all illegal birds and/or meat will be seized and charges will be laid.

transporting your firearms into canada:
as of january 1, 2001, the procedures for bringing firearms into canada, or for borrowing firearms while in canada, changed as a result of mandatory license requirements of all firearms owners and users in canada.

for the purposes of canadian law, the three classes of firearms are:

  1. non-restricted (most ordinary rifles and shotguns)
  2. restricted (mainly handguns)
  3. prohibited (full automatics, converted automatics, handguns with a barrel length of 105mm (approximately 4") or less, and .25 or .32 caliber handguns among others)

you may not bring a prohibited firearm or replica firearm into canada.

to bring a non-restricted firearm into canada:

  1. you must be at least 18 years old (see number below to call for options for minors who use firearms)
  2. you must declare your firearms at your first point of entry

declaring your firearms:
the canada customs and revenue agency (ccra) is responsible for all customs procedures. here are the basics if you are bring firearms into canada:

  1. in most cases, you will have to declare your firearms in writing, using a non-resident firearm deceleration (form jus 909 ef).
  2. a customs officer must confirm your declaration. the confirmed declaration will serve as a temporary license and registration certificate for up to 60 days.
  3. please fill out the declaration form before you arrive to save time at the point of entry. however, note that the form must be signed in front of the customs officer at the point of entry.
  4. a non-resident firearm declaration will cost $50.00 cdn. it can be renewed any number of times within a 12 month period at no extra cost.

you can obtain forms and additional information on the legal requirements under the firearms act by calling 1-800-731-4000 (if you live in the us) or
1-506-624-5380 (if you live in another country). if you book with us, we will send you forms prior to your departure for canada. you may also click on the following links for more information.
visitors to canada
transporting firearms
non-resident firearm declaration form

travel arrangements:

available through uniglobe geo travel - call the hunters hotline at
1-877-669-3270. you will receive special, exclusive apos inbound airfares from dedicated apos travel consultants.

travel to our location is through edmonton or calgary with connecting flights to peace river (ype), ground transportation will be provided to our hunting area.

prior to leaving, please confirm your travel arrangements as we need to know your with us to ensure everything flows smoothly.

we are committed to managing our number of hunters to ensure that hunters will have excellent hunting throughout their stay. our hunters will be happy with a solid effort and a well organized, well run hunt. we are committed to a policy of 100% "fair chase" and stress principles and ethics above all else.

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