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waterfowl hunting testimonials - duck hunts & goose hunts in peace river country in alberta, canada

duck hunting & goose hunting - waterfowl hunting alberta, canada duck hunts & goose hunts with blue sky outfitters, alberta bird hunting guides

blue sky outfitters is happy to share some great references from our waterfowl hunts.

rusty mcdaniels - mossy oak

i travel all over the u.s. and canada every year producing mossy oak's whistling wings tv, and blue sky outfitters is without a doubt one of the best places i go. kevin, mrs. patti, russ, and the crew know and love waterfowl hunting, and it shows by how hard they work every day to put hunters on birds. i strongly encourage anyone who wants to hunt waterfowl in alberta to give kevin at blue sky outfitters a call!!

rusty mcdaniels
mossy oak productions

field producer/assistant editor

2007 - mike harned

kevin & patti

this is the third year i have hunted at blue sky and after three day hunting with rusty and chris from mossy oak shooting ducks and watching my black lab mac make some incredible retrieves in the water, two birds at once and having rusty get it on film was a real highlight. you can see it on www.alaskanduckhunter.com in the near future.

the day after the film crew left the weather changed, more fields had been cut and the canada's were coming in by the thousands. i have five friends joining me and i am nervous that things won't go as good as it has been the last two years, but the first day we had pretty good success and got 18 honkers. the next morning was our day and everything i wanted to show the 4 guys that had never hunted with blue sky before happened. the six of us had 48 big, big honkers on the ground in 96 minutes. everybody had a great time and we are already looking forward to next year.

mike harned
"the alaskan duck hunter"
2218 arbor circle
anchorage, ak 99517
907-529-6755 cell
2007 - scott taylor

i wanted to let you know that jason and i made it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight, and to thank you once again for a very enjoyable hunting experience. the hunting and hospitality was first class, and exceeded my expectations.

scott taylor
2007 - jason adams

i wanted to say thanks again. the duck and geese hunting was nothing short of amazing in alberta. the pictures i have will never due just to the experiences had hunting with you. you run a first class operation, all the way from your guides to your family. everyone goes out of there way to make sure you are satisfied. i would recommend you to anyone without hesitation

thanks again
jason adams
texas, usa

2007 - tom cornwell sr.


on behalf of my son tom, mike perilman and his son alex, i would like to thank you for the greatest hunting trip of our lives. your excellent staff put us on geese and ducks all three days we were here. our guide russell was just a goose and duck calling machine and fun to be with. we learned more about goose hunting in three days than i had in twenty years. you and your wife patti made our stay in your mallard lane house just like being at home. we loved the meals that were served at your house. we are coming back again in the fall of 2008 so please lets us know what dates are available--we will come back with 5 people this time. again thanks for everything you and your staff did to make this the best hunting adventure of our lives.

tom cornwell sr.
california, usa
2007 - dick palinko

kevin & patti

i enjoyed everyone, the camaraderie, five star accommodation's, patti's cooking, kevin's organizational skills, professional handling of everything by justin et al..........and just can't thank everyone enough for making my special dream goose hunt in alberta a wonderful dream come true.

p.s. i will also be cc'ing some of my friends who could not make the hunt so that they can see what they missed!

dick palinko

2007- tom smith

hi kevin and patti

i just wanted to thank you and your family for a great goose and duck-hunting trip. my dad and i had a great time; it was the best waterfowl hunt i have ever been on. great hunting, great country, great food, and accommodations. i highly recommend the trip. once again thanks for a great time and hope to see you next year.

tom smith
951 244-0461

2007 - terry johnson


i wanted to convey to you how much my group enjoyed the hunt this year. the 3 new people i brought up had never experienced goose hunting like that and so everyone had a wonderful time.

terry johnson
sacramento, calif.
916 482 8330

2006 - jack hirt

as a freelance writer for wildfowl and a lifelong enthusiast, i spend as much time as possible each fall on the canadian prairies. it's been my good fortune these past two seasons to have hunted with kevin mcneil and his blue sky outfitters operation in alberta's peace country. while the ducks and geese are plentiful and particularly cooperative in his neck of the woods; its kevin's easy-going style that makes hunting with him such a pleasure. he'll put you in the birds to be sure, but it's the whole experience that'll make you happy. and kevin will be quick to tell you, "if you're happy, then i'm happy". it's a simple motto, but one that's genuine. and that says a lot!

jack hirt
(920) 526-3625
glenbeulah, wisconsin

2006 - kim ward

just a note to you thank for the great hunting we had last week. we had an absolute blast. not only was the hunting world class, but so were the accommodations. your guest quarters are great! you work hard to assure your hunters great shooting & it pays off. the number of waterfowl we had working the spread was unreal! in almost 40 years of waterfowling i have never seen anything like it.

thanks again for the great hunting & hospitality, we will be back! say hello to raven.

kim ward
reidsville, n.c.
2006 - winston chance

i wanted to write and say thanks again. as you know from our hunt together, i live in queen anne's county maryland. as a young boy, i was able to shoot divers on the chester river, shoot puddle ducks in the fields, and have hunted through the good days of 3 birds and ninety days of goose hunting here. i have waterfowl hunted a great deal. i have never, ever experienced what i experienced with you on our hunt in alberta. print, pictures, or video can only give a snapshot of the experience. to be there, experience it firsthand with you, your family, and of course raven is something i will always remember and always cherish. the sheer number of birds that is one thing. your commitment to make sure that everyone enjoys the experience really sets you apart.

thanks for a wonderful experience. i will be back.
all the best,

winston chance
queen anne's county maryland
2006 - mike harned

this is the second year i have hunted with kevin & patti and am already working on next season. i really enjoy hunting this area and have had great results both years i have been there. each year we seem to find an unusual setting that result in a true memory maker. this year we had two. the first was an afternoon diver hunt following our morning limit of geese. we set up on a little slew and ended up with eight different species of ducks  the second was a beaver pond that was just covered with mallards, it took almost twenty minutes for all the birds to leave, and when they started coming back, it was my new best hunt. we had to stop shooting a couple of times to let mac, my faithful black lab, to catch up. another memory was created here when mac dove underwater for a bird and then leaped in the air on another occasion to get another.

you may contact me at mike@alaskanduckhunter.com or check out my web site at www.alaskanduckhunter.com

mike harned
anchorage, alaska

2006 - mike embry

hello kevin and patti

i wanted to say thanks again for the great hunt. duck season has come in for us here in kentucky and we are seeing some birds but with every hunt, our minds go back to alberta. our five and six bird groups working only remind us of those 100 and 200 groups of duck tornados dropping from the sky with no hesitation.

the time i had with my three sons and all the memories we made are priceless, especially my 12 year old blazing away at all the, in your face, goose action. i would recommend blue sky to anyone and we will be back.

mike embry

2006 - tom & kristina waldman


kristina and i would like to thank you again for a wonderful hunt with blue sky outfitters this september 2006. the goose and duck hunts were incredible, especially the birds landing in the decoys before we could even get the guns up to shoot! talk about up close and in your face hunting. your experience locating the birds and getting us setup in the right place, at the right time made the difference. we especially appreciated your focus on fun and safety as part of the hunting experience.

i have been hunting for 35 years and both kristina and i have hunted throughout the us and europe and we both agree; your services, accommodations, and location make for a wonderful hunting vacation. as you know, we have already booked for september 2007 along with my father and a colleague from work. we are certainly looking forward to more fun in the field next year. please give our regards to patti and cody and thank them again for the hospitality.

we are more than happy to provide references to anyone interested in some of the best water fowling in north america.

best regards,

tom and kristina waldman
gurnee, illinois

2006 - terry johnson


i just wanted to thank you for the great hunt with my son in september. i have been hunting waterfowl for 40 years and i have never seen so many geese and ducks in one geographical area as we experienced with you. your equipment and accommodations were first quality and the hunting was superb. i especially like shooting waterfowl when their feet are down and many times, i wish i were shooting my 28 gauge rather than my 12. we look forward to hunting with you next year when the greenheads are really green.

thanks again and take care.

terry johnson
916-576-3702 phone
916-576-3710 fax

2006 - david reeve

hey kevin,

i was hunting with the espinoza party on oct. 2-4th. i wanted to tell you what a fantastic job both brian and dustin did. we could not have asked for better. the hunting was good, but the camaraderie was awesome. they made our trip the best it could be.

thank you
david reeve
(pastor dave)

2005 - paul shogren

kevin & patti,

i wanted to write and thank you and your family for the remarkable experience that my family and i had while goose and duck hunting with you. none of us will forget our time in northern alberta. we were truly amazed at the jaw dropping numbers of ducks and geese that filled the fields and skies during our hunt and the vast opportunity for close range shots. i know my freezer will be well stocked with ducks and geese for quite some time to come.

because our family is spread out from washington state to south florida, every year our family tries to take a trip somewhere hunting or fishing to spend some time together. we couldn't have picked a better location or more knowledgeable outfitter. the comfortable blinds were the perfect place to do a little catching up as we watched the sun come up and the birds move from the water to the fields. the post-hunt breakfasts at the local cafes were nice places to talk about the limits of birds we had bagged that day and how the crooked barrels on our shotguns were the reason why we missed the ones we did.

my family is counting the days when we can return to northern alberta to spend more time with each other and with you and your family as well. it was nice to see how your family worked together to make our stay an enjoyable success. stay in touch and god bless.


paul shogren

2005 - bill grauer, maryland

dear kevin & patti,

as a resident of maryland, i have spent the last 27 years waterfowl hunting on its famed eastern shore. my trip to alberta, more specifically mclennan in the peace river valley with kevin and patti mcneil, blue sky outfitters was the most amazing visual and hunting experience of my life including the daily show of the northern lights along with an overwhelming number of ducks and geese. we took our limit each day while being very selective of our shooting decisions. kevin's attention to my total trip satisfaction along with their guide services and hospitality was nothing short of top of the food chain!

thanks to kevin and patti for making my hunting trip the most memorable of my life.

bill grauer

2005 - alan pierce, oak point, texas

kevin & patti,

thanks so much for having us for a great october goose and duck hunt in the peace river area. we had read about the waterfowl hunting in the area and just had to see for ourselves. we were definitely not disappointed. we had limits every day. the morning goose hunts were intense with big numbers of canadians and speckle bellies coming in just after daylight. the evening duck hunts were definitely an experience of a lifetime with groups of forty to fifty mallards and pintails landing in the spread. if you have always wanted to experience hot field shooting action for geese and ducks then blue sky outfitters is the place. kevin was referred to me from a fellow hunter and du member here in frisco texas and take it from this hunter; blue sky outfitters is the "real deal". just like kevin told me when i booked, "you will come as a customer and leave as a friend".


alan pierce, oak point, texas

2005 - chris (and ralph) callen

hi kevin,

thanks again for the great three days of hunting. we had a fabulous time. although i cannot say when for sure, i do know that i will be back again. it was the best goose hunting i have ever had.

i'd especially like to thank you for treating us so well and after a few days it seemed like we had known you for years and we were the best of friends. my dad, 'shoot twice then aim' callen, said on the way home that if we'd had the same hunting with an average guide it wouldn't have been half the fun. i just want you to know how much you personally made the trip so special for us. thanks again.
thanks again.

chris (and ralph) callen

2005 - jay strangis - editor, wildfowl magazine


when kevin mcneil says "new birds", he means it. these were extremely hunt able ducks and geese. we enjoyed one of the most relaxed waterfowl hunts i've been a part of, but our pace didn't slow the birds. locals said the birds weren't down yet, but we had all the opportunity a hunter could ask for. having access to an area like this is the reason a waterfowler goes to canada.

jay strangis
editor, wildfowl magazine
thanks for everything

2005- bob olsen

kevin and patti,

i'll write more on this later, but the short version is we had a great time! lots of birds, very comfortable lodging & wonderful company. no bs, i would recommend kevin & co. to any serious waterfowler. this is a special place & experience for serious folks. thanks kevin & patti!

bob olsen
9409 county road t.7
weldona, co 80653
(970) 467 - 9116

2005 - steve martin, memphis tennessee

kevin & patti

we had an absolute blast during our three days with blue sky. we had great weather, plenty of ducks and geese, and top-notch service.

we arrived to find a hot meal, our hunting licenses, shotgun shells, and a great hotel waiting for us. we really enjoyed your family joining us for meals and making us feel at home. the hot coffee and bottled water you provided in the blinds was a nice touch.

the hunts were nothing short of incredible. limits of ducks and geese killed from our comfortable layout blinds over the dry pea fields. the afternoon scouting trips were lots of fun as well. we saw some big mule deer bucks, bald eagles, river otters, and whitetail deer (not to mention thousands of ducks and geese).

please feel free to use me as a reference and to post our hunt photos on the website.

thanks again for the greatest hunt of this die-hard water fowler’s life.

steve martin, memphis, tennessee

2005 - mike harned, anchorage, alaska

kevin and patti,

this was a great trip, kevin and patti were great hosts, i have been on other guided hunts and this rates as my best experience so far. i was very lucky that the mossy oak film crew was in mclennan filming kevin and i was the beneficiary as they gave me new mossy oak camo gear, but even getting new stuff couldn't compete with the great hunting. the first morning we got 32 ducks and 28 geese in just a few hours, it was non stop shooting. the next day was one of the most exciting duck hunts i have ever been a part of, the ducks completely covered the small dugout and even though they left when we set up for the film crew after our morning hunt they were back for a fantastic evening hunt. small flocks but they never stopped coming till we had our limit. i was also able to meet some of the local people and get a feel for the community; you may contact me at mike@alaskanduckhunter.com

mike harned
anchorage, alaska

2004 - bob grosher, chris, jerry and lynn enjoyed a fantastic waterfowl hunt!

our group really enjoyed the hunt this october, especially the personal touch and service. you provided everything you promised, including the transportation to and from grand prairie, a fine hotel with quality restaurant and bar, top quality blinds,decoys, and some good goose and duck calling! it was a nice touch, having the hunting licenses all done and ready to go when we arrived.

i've never seen duck hunting like that, limiting in less than a half hour. you truly live in a wonderful waterfowl area. the birds were processed, frozen and packed professionally. we were even blessed with great weather!

we enjoyed meeting your son cody and wife patricia. your guide tammy was very helpful, knowledgeable, and the first guide i've ever had who invited us into her home and made a great goose, duck, and venison dinner!

please feel free to use this email and our group pictures as you like. you may use my name, picture, or have anyone interested contact me at the number below or by email at rgrosher@hotmail.com

i'm looking forward to seeing you next year.

bob grosher
(310) 328-2060

2004 - todd ried and tim simensen from murray, utah can't wait to come back!


i want to thank you, patti, and tam for an excellent week of waterfowl hunting in greater alberta, canada! we had a great time with blue sky outfitters and enjoyed the association.i will definitely be back to chase ducks and geese with you and your team in the future!!

best regards,

todd a. reid
(801) 652-7716
tim simensen
(801) 561-5800

2004 - dan, tom, john, bill, bill and joe saw thousands of birds & had great shooting!


we wanted to take a minute and express to you our gratitude for the wonderful three day adventure the six of us had in mid september. we had heard about waterfowling in northern alberta and wanted to try it for ourselves. we were not disappointed. to the contrary, everything we had heard was true - beautiful country, great people and endless flights of ducks and geese. fortunately, we had excellent weather that contributed to the experience.

as you know our group consisted of some very experienced duck and geese hunters therefore, our expectations were fairly high. from the first day forward we saw thousands of birds and enjoyed great shooting from start to finish.

i have already started to recruit another group for next year so that my other waterfowler friends can see and experience the same things we saw. you have an amazing resource that would inspire any hunter.

lastly, give our regards to your son and tam. we really enjoyed having their assistance in preparing for and throughout the shoots. you all worked so hard to provide us with an unforgettable three days.

hopefully, the word is getting out about blue sky outfitting and the remarkable hunting experience you are able to provide. we look forward to coming back in the seasons to come. in the meantime, stay in touch and say hello to our many high prairie friends.

sincerely, joe, bill, tom, dan, bill and john
joe bradley
(775) 335-9999

2004 - chuck, jerry, jim & james had a great waterfowl hunting experience with us!

dear kevin and patti:

goose hunting is slowing down here in mid saskatchewan now as winter is setting in so i thought i would drop you a note about how much i enjoyed hunting with you in september. i have had excellent waterfowling wherever i have lived, but the peace river area is a cut above. lots of birds, beautiful areas, low hunter densities, and great accommodations and company.

i was pleasantly surprised by the effort you put into the second hunt of each day. we had fresh fields, new birds, and full decoy sets rather than the usual fence line pass shoots near roost lakes. you did a great job of finding great areas and new birds for each hunt. it was a great experience.

you may share this note with prospective hunters. i would recommend you to the most critical waterfowler without reservation. thanks again.
dr. charles h. lobdell
biggar, saskatchewan
(306) 948-5292

when you hunt with us, you'll know why our waterfowl hunting is some of the best offered anywhere. please contact for more information or to book your goose & duck hunt.

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