hunting in alberta canada. booking your waterfowl hunting, moose hunting and bison hunting trip in alberta with blue sky outfitters, alberta hunting guides

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waterfowl hunting alberta canada
alberta waterfowl hunting, moose hunting, bison hunting, wolf & coyote hunting in alberta, canada

hunting in alberta canada with blue sky outfitting.
find hunt information for booking your waterfowl hunting, moose hunting and bison hunting trip in alberta

waterfowl hunting items to bring:
shotgun shells and hunting gear:
  • 12 gauge (your favorite shotgun)
  • shot sizes - bbb and #2 steel shot
  • gun oil
  • cleaning supplies

    we will have for sale a variety of 12 gauge shells, some 10 gauge shells, 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2". we will purchase back any unopened full boxes from you at the conclusion of the hunt.
  • ice chest:
    to bring your birds home you will need to bring an (soft sided) ice chest that will meet airline requirements and hold your birds. (styrofoam is no longer acceptable on most airlines)

    please advise if you require a cooler, they can be provided at a cost of $30.00 us

    for all of our hunts you should bring:
    • warm insulated clothing
    • boots appropriate for waterfowl hunting
    • insulated winter boots for bison, moose and wolf hunts.
    • gloves
    • rain suit
    • camo face mask (a must)
    • camo
      please contact us for a detailed a list of items to bring on your hunt. 1-780-324-2080

    terms & conditions for booking a hunt with blue sky outfitters:

    • blue sky outfitters and blue sky outfitting are divisions of 846848 alberta ltd.
    • all funds are in us dollars
    • all deposits are bonded and insured by the alberta professional outfitters society (apos)
    • reservations are required and are confirmed upon receipt of a 50% of the complete cost is required to book a hunt, this deposit is non-refundable.
    • the balance of your bill must be received in our office by july 1 of your hunt year for waterfowl hunts; november 1 for bison hunts; september 1 for moose hunts; september 1 for wolf/coyote hunts. if you wish to book after these dates for the current year, payment in full is required at time of booking.
    • telephone reservations will be honored for 7 days from the date of call pending receipt of your deposit
    • except for transferring deposits to a friend, all deposits are fully non-refundable. the deposits cannot be transferred to a future year.
    • deposits will be refunded in full, if for some reason we must cancel a hunt.
    • all certified checks should be made payable to blue sky outfitters.
    • once we receive a deposit then a hunt contract will be sent to you to be signed and mailed back.

    additional booking information:

    entry to canada:
    it is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into canada. refusal of entry by canada customs and immigration is not sufficient reason for a refund. if you have ever had any criminal charges, even a d.u.i., you might have difficulty-entering canada and may need to clear it up months beforehand. we can help you to do this. call if you have questions about it.

    transporting firearms:
    if you are coming on a rifle hunt then you will need a firearms declaration form to clear your rifle through customs. we will send you one a month or two before your hunt starts. there is a $30 payment at the border to process this form. if you have another hunt planned in alberta in the same year, you can only shoot one animal of each species per year. we also have a wound policy for any mortally wounded animals. call if you want more details.

    extra costs:
    hotel accommodations upon arrival and departing in grande prairie or edmonton, if necessary. (about $125 us). we can arrange accommodations for you upon request.

    meat processing and shipping or extra baggage (amount varies greatly depending on species of the animal and amount of meat, horns, cape you are taking home)

    it is common practice to tip for good service. your guide and cook work hard to provide you with a memorable trip. if you are satisfied, please recognize their efforts with a gratuity of 5-15% of total hunt costs.

    cites export permit
    persons exporting wolf to points outside canada must obtain a federal export permit issued in accordance with the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna (cites). in addition, provincial export permits must be obtained for exporting wolves, except for tanned wolf skin.

    although we have never exercised it, we reserve to right to add a "fuel surcharge" to cover extreme rises in fuel prices between the time you book and the hunt date. again, though we have never exercised it, we reserve the right to adjust the price of the hunt should the us dollar drop in value against the canadian dollar, below the exchange it was when you booked the hunt. the us dollar has dropped nearly 35% in value in the last three years and we have not raised our prices to make up the difference, but we cannot afford to subsidize further drops in the us dollar value.

    care of bird game:
    bird cleaning is included in the cost of our all inclusive hunts. if you choose not to book the all inclusive hunt, there will be an additional charge for bird cleaning and all birds must be cleaned. you may clean your own birds however, if you prefer, birds can be breasted at a cost of:

    • $6.00 us for geese
    • $4.00 us for ducks

      united states migratory bird hunting regulations state that it is unlawful for a person to import into the united states migratory game birds belonging to another person. evidence of sex and species must remain attached to the bird until the final u.s. destination is reached.

      possess, before it has been transported to the usual residence of the person who killed it, a game bird which does not bear evidence of sex and species. evidence of sex and species consists of one completely feathered wing attached to the carcass of the game bird.

      we ask upon arrival if you are planning on taking birds home with you as the bird preparation includes leaving a wing for species identification. if you elect not to take your birds home after they have been prepared for you, there will be a $2.00 us rework fee per bird, as we must remove the wings prior to giving the birds away.

    getting your hides, antlers, and cape and meat home:
    the easiest way to get your antlers and cape back home is for us to put the items in a thick cardboard box and for you to take it with you on your flight home. we put garden hose around the antler tips, clean, dry and then tape up the skull plate and we freeze the cape. frozen meat can also be taken home with you in a cooler. generally, all the meat must be cut by a licensed butcher and you are responsible for paying for the processing. shipping meat back to your home is another possibility but it is an expensive, complicated, and time consuming task.

    please call kevin if you would like more information on the available options for both the waterfowl, moose hunts and bison hunts

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    hunting in alberta canada. booking your waterfowl hunting, moose hunting and bison hunting trip in alberta with blue sky outfitters, alberta hunting guides